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 ever check your carry gun?
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Posted - July 09 2019 :  5:56:41 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I recently bought a new iwb holster only to find it would routinely partially ejected the magazine in my .40. never fell out but i don't need a single shot pistol. this is just one example of problems we need to check for and be aware of.

Twice in 20 years checking my uniform duty weapon i found it was inoperable.A bud bought a Colt cobra as a second gun AND NEVER FIRED IT. After retirement he was walking his dog in the woods they came across a rabid skunk and when he went to shoot it discovered the gun was shipped without a firing pin.

Check everything especially your ammo.

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Charlie Foxtrot
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Posted - July 09 2019 :  7:37:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Years ago, I had a Glock 22, 2nd generation. It was a range gun. Took it to the range one day and it didnít fire, so I decided to leave. The manager asked why I was leaving, and I told him the pistol wasnít working. He took a look at it, and in short time observed that the firing pin had sheared off. He had a drawer full of Glock parts, and replaced it for free. He said it was a common problem. So much for Glock Perfection. The pistol was never reliable, so I sold it as a range gun.

As far as magazines getting inadvertently disengaged, I have had that happen with a few holsters which I no longer use.
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Posted - July 09 2019 :  9:50:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Once took my backup gun a S&W 38 snub to the range for quals. Firing pin was broken. Last fired it about a week before. I carried 3 guns back then working graveyard doing solo patrol in a town of 6,600 byself from 10p-6am. My 3rd gun was a KelTec 32.

Any firearm can be as handy as a rock and nothing more if you let it. I let mine and never realized it until I was shooting it....

Be honest, fair, and always prepared...
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Posted - July 09 2019 :  10:54:07 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Not too long back, I went to drop the magazine from my XD for some dry fire practice. Couldn't push the release button enough to make it work, from either side. Turned out to have locked up from rust. Never heard of such a thing. Lack of a drop of oil could have caused a big embarrassment at the range, or a whole lot worse in other situations. Ace

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Posted - July 10 2019 :  11:43:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I had a Taurus model 85 38 special at one time. Shot it once, did not like the grips. Got new grips, put them on it, dry fired gun empty to see how the grips felt, and saw a tiny silver fly out of the barrel. The firing pin broke and flew out of the barrel. Returned it for warranty repair, sold it. Last Taurus I ever bought.

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Posted - July 11 2019 :  07:08:06 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Had similar problems with Taurus guns----won't buy any more.
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Posted - July 11 2019 :  08:50:39 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Taurus has been about 50/50 with me too

they don't resell worth a hoot either

just gave my last one away for about $100 bucks, won't waste more money on another

I've had S&Ws, Springfields, Colts all with problems right out of the box.

wouldn't trust anything that hasn't been test fired,

anything that's unreliable,truck or gun, goes on the block

"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not..."
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WR Moore
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Posted - July 12 2019 :  7:11:37 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm sorry to say that waaay back when, I had the same magazine catch issue with a S&W 5906 in humid weather. Live and learn.

I got a model 60 back from the factory after they replaced the yoke. I was dry firing it when it quit working. The firing pin broke. I called them and talked them into just sending me the hammer nose and rivet. Got it in 3 days.

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Jim Higginbotham

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Posted - August 11 2019 :  7:14:57 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A while back a adopted a new (old) holster for my BUG because during the summer when I mow I often switch to a revolver with one shot shell up for snakes (I have two creeks on either side of the property and occasionally run into a copperhead - I tend to let the non-poisonous varieties alone unless they surprise me.

The holster is an old Bauer Brothers Detective model and it holds either a 4.25 " Commander or a 4" Colt Diamond back or a 4" S&W Mountain gun .44 or a 3" charter Arms Bulldog equally well due to it spring closure.

Well it seemed like a good idea at the time but twice I found my regualr backup - a S&W Scandium Commander had poped the magazines loose!

I noted that my regular Colt Commander did not do that. The Smith (and kimbers) have a slightly longer mag release, but the Smith had a very easy push to release the mag.

So I not only replaced the mag spring but I took a dremel and releived the leather in the area around the mag release. Been wearing it since late May without incident - but I find a strage attraction to a 3" .44 spl wheel gun and have often worn it as a BUG even when I'm not mowing. The only time I change it is when I go to the big city. Of course after mowing season is done I'll change back but then again in November, I change to an N-frame revolver for my BUG anyway.

Jim H.

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Edited by - Jim Higginbotham on August 11 2019 7:17:11 PM
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