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Jim Higginbotham

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Posted - December 06 2017 :  09:57:36 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We don't talk about that much here. I, myself have not been into archery since I graduated High School or maybe a little later.

Since you could not shoot guns in our neighborhood when I was a child we spent our summers shooting arrows and I got fairly good at shooting a standard recurve 54 lb bow but did not hunt a lot with them. My Ben Pearson bow broke some years back and I do have a compound that shoots OK but I never had a lot of free time so I limited my hunting to modern gun and muzzle loaders.

However in our state, once you turn 65 you can hunt the whole archery season with a crossbow and I now have more free time so I bought one.

I had no idea that crossbows were so expensive but I decided to start out as cheaply as I could and bought a bottom of the line Barnett.

I must say, I am pleasantly surprised! This thing came ready to go with a scope and a couple of arrows (I've been learning and the experts tell me that these modern things that shoot 20" arrows are really "arrows" that properly a "bolt" does not have any fletching - though they are labeled bolts at the store). Me I have no idea who is actually correct.

In any case I found right away, with almost no training, that this critter will put the arrows/bolts into about a 3" group at 40 yards! That is more than adequate for me.

I have learned that the typical projectile, whatever you call them, that comes from the store are balanced all wrong and that I need to get a heavier front end (point and even the "do-hickey" that it screws into) so it balances about 6" back from the tip sot hat the fletching has more leverage - I've seen some folks on the web get some impressive groups with properly tuned arrows at 100 yards though I never expect to shoot half that distance in the field.

In any case on the first day I managed to stick one through an apple at around 15 yards - William Tell never had it so good!

Jim H.

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Posted - December 07 2017 :  11:14:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My Daughter won a very nice cross-bow that was over 1k with a nice scope, lots of "bolts" and a quick way to cock the thing. They took it to hunt Bear a couple of years ago and my youngest Grandson found out that you have to be careful when you shoot it as he had his thumb stroked with the wires that fling the arrows. No luck in getting a bear with it and now that his Dad is gone hunting isn't prime on the list of things to do.

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Jeffery Holland
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Senior Member

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Posted - December 08 2017 :  12:20:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have been a bow hunter for the last 50+ years. A couple of years ago I had shoulder surgery and was able to get a waiver from the Washington Department of Game to be able to use a crossbow during the archery seasons.

I found a great deal on an Excalibur Matrix 380. It came with a bunch of accessories and "bolts" that would have totally up to about $2,100 if I bought them all new. I got the whole package for $700, but had to drive to Missoula Montana to get it. Tough drive through some of the most beautiful country in the world. It had less than 30 shots through it. It has a lighted scope and will shoot 2-3" groups at 50 yards.

380 fps makes for very flat shooting and lots of penetration. I have to be careful that I don't shoot through my targeted deer and kill another one behind it.

The Excalibur line of crossbows all use recurve bows. Most other crossbows are of a compound design. The advantage of the recurves is that they never go out of tune and are much easier to maintain. The only thing that I don't like about my crossbow is that it is very loud. I shot my deer last year about 5 minutes before my son shot his. I was standing right behind him when he shot and was shocked at how quiet his regular compound bow was compared to my crossbow.

I think that you will have fun with your new toy. I am going to shoot a few bolts tomorrow just to make sure that nothing has changed since last season. I will probably head out to my stand tomorrow afternoon.

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Neal A. Maxwell
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Pop Pop
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Posted - December 08 2017 :  8:15:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My 13 year old grandson killed his first doe this season. He shoots a compound bow and does it very well. He recently won a tournament, with his school archery team, and was awarded a $10,000.00 scholarship to a nearby Tn. college when he graduates H S. If he places second, in 2 more tournaments, or wins another, he will be awarded another $40,000. totaling 50 g's scholarship to the same school.

He loves Archery and also is not bad at school team trap shooting. Studies, he couldn't care less. BOYS!

Pop Pop
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