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Posted - August 11 2007 :  07:31:57 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Today, John Farnam, Ed Lovette, Gary Gudmundsen and I will be doing classes. Vyse Gelatin and Cor Bon will be doing demos along with Steve Camp of Safe Direction.

The mixer last night was great with my daughters doing yoman's service with the food. I'm excited about this event and the chance to see old friends again and get to know new ones.

Jim Higgenbotham is sorely missed but we'll struggle thru.

"The greatest thing a Father can do for his children is to love their Mother."

Harold B. Lee

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Posted - August 11 2007 :  1:06:10 PM  Show Profile  Send wsv a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
At least Jim is keeping up with his posts in the forum. What I am missing at H&S is being partially made up with reading his excellent posts here.

Rally the Republic!

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Mark Marshall

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Posted - August 11 2007 :  11:09:07 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A brief review of today, any attendees can feel free to share their thoughts ideas and opinions I will be doing a more formal review with some more information and even pictures later on.

Classes: Unfortunatly with my responsibility of running around preteniding to be important, I was unable to attend the classes fully, but here was the run down as I was able to appreciate them.

Evan did a class on handling handguns in general, their use and purpose, specifically in the role as a ccw. Tactics and methods in that role and what we as individuals should be doing.

Ed Lovette taught a wonderful class on the Snubby Revolver, its use, effectiveness and role. My father has long taught me the role of a snubby revolver and it has played a vital role as a second gun for me. I was able to sneak in for the shooting portion of this class and boy oh boy did this reaffirm for me the vital role of a snubby and I learned a lot about it's effectiveness. I have always enjoyed visiting with Ed Lovette and I know my Father has long respected the man, it was absolutly wonderful to be instructed by him.

John Farnam with the assistance of Ed Lovette and Mike Shoval of CorBon taught a class on the roles of Carbines and handguns. This class ultimatly led up to some range time with the carbine leading up to a problem with it (i.e. running out of ammo at an inopprutune time) and transitioning to a handgun, but at earliest convience transitioning back to the rifle for the fight.

John also had a class on weapons retention held this afternoon, again unfortunatly with duties and time I did nothing much more then stick my head in for a few minutes. I certainly hope to do more time in there tomorrow.

Gary Gudmundsen did a class on legal aspects of Self Defense, with most attendees from Michigan there was emphasis on Michigan law, but certainly most of it applies to everyone everywhere and was an open, fun and great discussion for all involved.

Then this evening we had a bit of a open panel discussion. So you have Evan, John and Ed sitting in front of the attendees and discussion what topics they feel to be important in today's world. They fielded and openly answered questions and shared opinions on society in general, current threats and worries and where they feel we are headed, and where they would like to see us headed. I personally could (and have had the wonderful chance before) to just sit with these guys and listen to them discuss such topics all day long. There is so much knowledge, experience and insight to be learned from such people.

Demonstrations: Today we had three demonstrations. Our thanks go out to Vyse, CorBon and Safe Direction for their involvement and education on the matters at hand. Vyse as always really stepped up to the plate and delivered a wonderful product in their ballistic gelatin for us to use, test and experiment with. Gary from Vyse came up and explained thier products and was there to answer any questions on the matter. We tested out a lot of different ammunition provided by CorBon, and evaluated what it is meant to do and what it did do in gelatin. Fielded questions, Mike Shoval helped us all understand and to top it all off had all kinds of ammunition for people to take home with them for testing and even SD usage in their own weapons.

Steve Camp from Safe Direction came up and explained the role and usage of his products in providing a safe way for us to be able to clear and or charge our weapons with minimal threat to person or property. Unfortunatly we all have at least heard stories of neglagent discharges and potentially horrible outcomes from such. Safe Direction has some wonderful products available to minimize such risk and more than just standing there and telling us what a wonderful thing it is took two of his products and standing right there on the range simulated a ND with a follow up second round be fired into it. A very impressive demonstration, especially considering that just earlier today we all saw what this ammunition is meant to do as it was shot into the gelatin.

Food: Amazing, there is a lot I can discuss about food. I obviously have a bit too much experiece with it in my life. But my sisters have done a wonderful job with it and I am extremely grateful for them taking that off my worry list. Thanks!

I am extremly looking forward to tomorrow and loving this event completly. But am now very tired and will be going to pass out now so I can do as much tomorrow as possible. Now there may possibly maybe sort of be some bias from me, but I think this is a great event that should be attended by anyone possible, but maybe you should ask the other attendees to get their opinion on the matter.

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Posted - August 12 2007 :  05:46:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Looks like alot to take in, you guys are putting on a world class gathering.
Probably a full time job keeping up with your dad,don't let him over do it.
Gotta make the next one!!!

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Jim Higginbotham

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Posted - August 12 2007 :  10:10:16 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I dont know about "sorely missed" but I sure am sore!

And I surely do miss me at the H&S...of course what I really miss is you guys!

I honestly contemplated breaking the Dr.s orders and driving up just to see you but I got thoroughly and finally out voted by the lady of the house.

What a year to miss!

God speed to all!

Jim H.

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