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If you're a regular visitor to this web site, you should be aware that Street Stoppers II is in progress. The contracts have been signed, the advance checks received and spent, and now Ed and I are laboring away. It is fascinating how fast and how far technology has come. This web site was something that my son Matt prodded me into doing and it has been a pleasant surprise how popular it has become. The visitor counter on the bottom of the home page has only been in place since the beginning of July.

Street Stoppers II will consist of similar topics as its predecessors but there will be new statistics and sources. I'm in the process of concluding negotiations with two major agencies in this country to have access to their shootings. These two agencies are involved in a lot of gun fights and have substantial databases. Additionally, I've been able to develop sources in Central and South America that have provided a significant number of shootings. While most of this data involves full metal jacketed or solid lead rounds they are still of importance. One agency in South America recently shared a huge database on shootings with; Winchester 9MM Silver Tip 115gr jhp, Winchester 115gr +p+ jhp, Winchester 12 gauge 00 buck shot, and Federal .357 Magnum 125 grain jhp. I was quite excited to get those results and they'll be included.

In addition to that, I've decided to allow individuals to submit shooting reports to: Documented Shootings, PO BOX 2671, Midland, MI 48641-2671. The criteria and consequences of submitting such data will be spelled out in detail on another page of this web site. I, of course, will not identify my sources but my attorney has indicated that I'll be on sound legal ground to name anyone who sends me spurious data in an attempt to set me up.

Regardless of where you live in this country (including Hawaii and Alaska) I have an individual in place who can and will check out the facts to see that this event actually took place. When people are willing to spread all sorts of unsupported lies about me I'd be foolish to think that they'd hesitate to use this approach.

Additionally, Street Stoppers II is in early enough stages that YOU can have some input. Feel free to email me with ideas on chapters or subjects. Please understand that these subjects have to be broad based enough to appeal to large groups of readers. You may have a burning desire to know how the .32-20 performs in gelatin out of a 4 5/8" Single Action Colt, but you may be the only one.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have emailed us or participated in the pages, message forum, newsgroup, etc. at www.stoppingpower.net.  Whether you've agreed or not I value your input. I hope that we are all engaged in a search for the truth and that you view that effort as an effort among equals. While I'm fully aware that I'm the one who is either famous or notorious (depending on your point of view), I checked my ego at the door along time ago and consider all of you friends I haven't yet met.

Evan Marshall

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