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Bullet ExpansionRecently, a very small and very shrill group of individuals have been ranting and raving about how they found incontrovertible proof of fraud in my results. This is the same ballistic bike gang who claim there wasnít one chance in several million that I could be right. As Mas Ayoob pointed out thatís a pretty silly claim to make when you havenít seen the data.

Now, of course, these people are entitled to their opinion and I feel that even when its directed at me that criticism can improve the product. The problem, of course, is that isnít their intention. Their intention is to convince others that there is no merit in what I have done, and in fact theyíre convinced Iíve made this whole thing up.

The problem is that if I made it all up then why is it, for example, that even their ammo study done in a police magazine collecting actual shooting data agreed with my results at the time? The creator of this study complained that with the appearance of our first book his sources dried up. Would they have quit providing data if what they were saying disagreed significantly with what I was reporting? Additionally, department after department has dropped the 147gr 9MM jhp for 124-127 grain jacketed hollow points. NYPD had access to the Transit Authorityís shootings with the 147 grain jhp. If they had seen anything attractive in those results would they have opted for 124 grain bonded hollow points?

All I take credit for was a good idea-that by examining actual shooting results we might be able to predict how some loads might work in the future. Anybody could have taken that idea and ran with it, but no one else chose to do so. Remember that comparing actual shooting results to gelatin results is apples and oranges and no one should be taken seriously who thinks gelatin testing negates the need to examine whatís going on in the real world. 10% gelatin is a homogeneous substance; it is consistent through its entire structure. The human body, of course, is not. It contains skin, muscle, bone, lungs, intestines, etc. All of these offer varying degrees of resistance. We know this because we have seen bullets removed from the same person that produced minimal expansion in the large intestine and impressive expansion in the heart or other highly resistant portions of the body.

Finally, if all of this is a fraud that has been in the public eye for the last 16+ years where are the irate letters by police agencies and officers appearing in the various gun magazines where this data has been reported, complaining bitterly that they had used the results published by Evan Marshall and they have failed miserably resulting in injury or death? Additionally, where are the irate letters from citizens who used these loads to protect themselves or a loved one and they failed? Awfully quiet isnít it?


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