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I’ve recently received a significant amount of information regarding this incident from a number of sensitive sources. Because of the significant number of law enforcement personnel on this forum and because of my worries that such events will occur here, I want to share this with our general leadership.

  1. Probably 32 terrorists, mixed nationalities with the largest percentage being Chechen. They were armed with battle rifles, light machine guns, grenades, explosives, night vision, etc.
  2. The terrorists used dogs as warning devices. Used an area in some nearby forests as a rallying point to hide before attacking. They used two cars and one large truck to get to school. They abducted police officers who were then used to get them thru check points. Terrorists were in cammies though women changed into black once the event started.
  3. They pulled up at school and seized control within minutes. They had been there before and conducted thorough surveys. Snipers, barricades, and weapons were put in place immediately. Two weapons and explosive caches had been hidden by “reconstruction crews” during the summer under the floors. A search of other buildings in Russia after the event found an explosive and weapon cache in a theater in St Petersburg.
  4. Approximately 20 young men were separated from the group early. The terrorists identified them as ones who might resist and they were murdered early on, with their bodies dumped outside. This should have served as a clue that an entry had to be made then.
  5. Cell phones were taken from hostages which precluded the passing of intel on to the government troops. The windows on the 2nd floor were broken for use by snipers and to preclude the effectiveness of gas. The terrorist dogs were used to alert for night assaults and possible use of gas. Terrorist’s talked to their leader by cell phone and took instructions from him. Their leader was off site.
  6. Not the entire terrorist group agreed with the murder of children. One disagreed the 1st day and was murdered by the on site commander. The females had explosive belts. These explosive were command detonated while the women guarded males in a hallway. They were not aware they would be sacrificed and such callous behavior kept the rest in line.
  7. Explosives were laid in the gym where most hostages were kept. It was wired with a dead man’s switch that was held down at all times by a terrorist’s foot.
  8. The perimeter was controlled by a mix of security forces that included armed civilians. Trained hostage rescue units arrived but were ordered not to assault. One team was rehearsing a deliberate assault at a school 30 kilometers away when the slaughter started.
  9. On the 3rd day a four man medical team was allowed in the court yard to retrieve the hostages murdered on day one. The explosives in the gym accidentally detonated while the recovery process was under way. The medical team was then murdered by the terrorists thinking an assault was under way. Some hostages tried to use the confusion to escape-they were murdered. People on the perimeter started shooting the terrorists to protect medical team and escaping hostages.
  10. Command and control was terrible, and the leadership was unable to control fire fight. Hostage Rescue units returned from their practice and started an assault with firefighters and armed civilians mixed in. Several crossfire situations occurred, and some Special Ops folks were shot by both terrorists and good guys (10 dead, 28 wounded).
  11. Three terrorists retreated to the basement with hostages-it took 10 hours to counter them. One group of approximately 13 terrorists attempted to escape and broke into 2 groups and were hunted down in the village and killed. 30 bodies of terrorists had been recovered.

From Another Sensitive Source
This report is from a US Special Ops troop who was nearby

  1. 173rd Separate Detachment of Spetsnaz arrived and found two terrorists in a nearby building with a camera. They said they were originally going to steal an ambulance, fill it with explosives and detonate it among the parents causing massive panic and allow them to escape.
  2. The Special Ops team did not arrive until 32 minutes after the explosions. They established a perimeter but an assault was not planned at that time.
  3. Troops closer to the school basically covered the children with their bodies. They had 10 killed in action and 6 wounded in action during this heroic effort. One officer covered two little girls with his body and later died from the wounds received.
  4. Terrorists shot several wounded children again and again. Three terrorists who escaped were killed by armed civilians
  5. There was a total of 37 terrorists, comprised of Chechens, Ingushs, Dagestanis, Belarussian, Turks, and several Arabs.
  6. A number armed parents at the scene repeatedly asked for permission to rescue their children-they were denied.

I suggest you read this several times, mourn as I did when I received it, and resolve to develop a plan for your local schools. We will have to make the horrible choice between casualties and massive casualties. Only an immediate response using an overwhelming action of violence can minimize our loss. The terrorists want to die for their cause and the least we can do as Americans is accommodate them.


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