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I want to let people know how much I have appreciated the comments I've received over the last few months. I need to apologize for my slow response in many cases, but I'm recovering from a severe leg infection that has slowed me considerably down. If you have questions or comments feel free to direct them to this web site.

The one thing I've been disappointed with is the feeble attacks by those individuals from the wrong side of the tracks. Their "research" has involved efforts such as calling the Homicide Section of the Detroit Police Department and asking the individual who answered if they knew Evan Marshall. When that unknown individual responded that he had never heard of me, they considered that "proof" that I had never worked there. The problem with this simple-minded approach is that any number of readers, editors, other writers, and friends had called me there on a number of occasions. Additionally, there are a number of files there with my name on them as the officer in charge.

Another individual from the wrong side of the tracks wrote a critical review of HSP. In it he listed all my criteria for including my shooting in my statistical base and then started to dispute some Glaser shootings. This is at best sloppy and at worst deceptive. Readers can search HSP&SS and not find a single Glaser or Mag Safe incident, which included the actual shooting database. One of the wrong side of the tracks gang saw me sitting in the Cor Bon booth at a Shot Show years ago and took that as proof that I was a paid consultant for Cor Bon. I reserve the right to visit with friends and if this same person had followed me, he would surmised I was also a paid consultant for Remington, Federal, Winchester, etc. Besides, I'm curious why that when the gang from the wrong side of the tracks do consulting work it's an honorable effort, but the thought of me doing it compromises my objectivity and in their eyes destroys my credibility. Again, if this is best they can do I'm not impressed.

I find it curious that they constantly whine that nobody has seen my database. What they are really saying is they haven't. A number of years ago I got a letter from one of the lads from the wrong side of the tracks saying that they thought my shooting results for 9MM 115gr jhp +P+ were fraudulent based on the fact they would not penetrate 12" in their beloved 10% gelatin. When I sent this individual 10 autopsy reports where these loads had averaged between 16-18" penetration in people, the response was to ignore it. I especially find the complaint about not publishing the sources for the data curious, since when one of their own was collecting data on actual shootings for a police publication, the "what's the source for this data crowd" were strangely silent. I guess it depends on agendas not the search for the truth.

Additionally, there have been individuals who have sent e-mail to the various servers claiming to be me and asking that this web page be removed from their directory. Such individuals are the worst kind of cowards. If this is as fraudulent as they claim it is they should be anxious to see it available as it should collapse like a house of cards.

A special thanks to a select group of people around the world know informally as "Evans Marshal's." These individuals have supplied data at great personal risk and I deeply appreciate their efforts.

The people from the wrong side of the tracks will be horrified to know I am concluding negotiations with a major agency in this country to get access to all their shootings. Additionally, I have completed negotiations with a major source in Central America and have been receiving shooting data from them for several months now. While most of their shootings involve ball ammunition, they are confirming the results I published for full metal jacket ammunition. Additionally, "STREET STOPPERS II" is in progress.

Stay Tuned,

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